Services - MotsICT 2023

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Our portfolio includes, but is not limited, to the following: 

·         Refurbishing, Warehousing and asset management

·         Marketing and Sales of refurbished items
·         Logistics, De-commissioning, data removal /Protection
·         Rentals on new ICT equipment, partnering with    
        accredited financial institutions
·         Managed asset recycling processes
·         Re-distribution, ROI or managed donations
·         Auditing and evaluation of all assets (location and
        asset count)

Training Solutions

Learnerships - NQF 3 to 5 12 month programs.

End user Training
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook etc....

What Mangers do
Civility in the workplace
Self improvement courses etc...

Outsourced Printing

  • Once off bulk printing

  • Full colour printing

  • High speed runs                                                       

  • Standby printers

  • Printer rentals

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